• A Bikini Kinda Life with Joanne McKay

A Bikini Kinda Life with Joanne McKay

Joanne McKay is a modern day beach lover. Hailing from the island country of New Zealand, Joanne moved to Bali to follow her heart. She was yearning for a new lifestyle, one that gave her the freedom to discover and cultivate her own happiness.The rich island culture and her love for the beach lifestyle drew her like a magnet to Bali, Indonesia. See, Joanne did something with her life that most of us only dream of doing. She listened to her heart and boldly went after her desires.


Just one day with Joanne McKay will brighten your perspective and inspire your soul. She aims to live her truth each passing hour — to find happiness, to nourish it, and to share it with others. They say true happiness and satisfaction comes from completely knowing one self, to acknowledge and pursue the heart’s desires, hopes and dreams. It is to also lovingly accept the fears and to pour light on the dark. Dear friends, the heart cannot be kept quiet. It cannot be tamed. It calls for us to seek happiness. It whispers for us to slow down, to quietly basque in the present, to listen.

Run your fingers through the soft water, feel the warmth radiating from the sun’s last golden light, relish these moments, it softly encourages. It is in these times of pure happiness that nothing else exists. It is as though your entire being overflows with joy so sweet that you can almost taste it.
The heart yearns for you to discover the things that steal your breath and make you dizzy with excitement. Boldly seek your happiness with everything you’ve got. Chase after it as fast as you can, for you will find it. Never let it go.