• Artist Spotlight with Cayucas

Artist Spotlight with Cayucas

Sound waves and musical influences with Southern California indie pop rock band, Cayucas.

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The song is 'Bigfoot' by Cayucas and we wanted to know a little bit more about them, and thought you would too!

We love your summer vibes! Did you grow up near the beach?

We grew up in Davis, which is only an hour or so from Dillon Beach. Once there you're near bodega bay & some other cool NorCal beaches

Have either of you ever surfed?

Yeah, in college I started on a regular basis, and Ben was into boogie boarding. I would drive out to Pismo/Morro Bay almost everyday

Do you have any surf icons?

I'd have to say...pro-bro Lance Burkhart. When he yanks the leash at the end of the movie, epic move. Not really though. I enjoy surf footage, it's usually just background music

We know you recently released your second album, Dancing At The Blue Lagoon, and we want to know what your biggest inspiration was for this record?

I think we find the most inspiration through other music. Usually the classics, stuff that has stood the test of time; The Beatles, Beach Boys, Joe Meek, Don Felder...we listen to great albums to get inspired

Have you ever done a beach tour? If not, will you?!

We've thought about that...a tour based around the nook surf spots of the west coast. Ya that's be great. Maybe Billabong would be interested in teaming up for that where each show is followed by a surf session...