• Ayumi Kitahara | Home Series

Ayumi Kitahara | Home Series

Ayumi Kitahara | Home Series

Your home peak is the place that allows you to grow and become the athlete and person you want to be. Every chair lift up grows you and leads you to a new journey down the mountain. It's in each ride down, with each carve becoming more and more comfortable that the stoke of being in fresh powder increases. Home is a place that re-centers a person, and a home peak is one that refines an athlete an brings them back to their roots. For Ayumi Kithara, Nozawa Onsen, the world famous historic and traditional Japanese snow resort in the town of Nagano, is that peak.

What is the community like in Nozawa Onsen?

"Nozawa is one big community. It is truly a big family to me and is a place that I truly feel like I belong. The community here is talented and down to earth with such authentic spirits. Having the bond of snowboarding has allowed me to grow close and become family with those around me here. We are all stitched together by the way we spend our time."

How is it to grow up in such a beautiful community and mountain?

"I am constantly reminded how lucky we are here. It I important to remember where I came from and stay grounded in that. This place is what feels most like home and I am determined to keep that atmosphere alive and maintain this place that feels more like home than anywhere else."