• Billabong's Scotty Lago Takes Third at Dew Tour in Breckenridge

Billabong's Scotty Lago Takes Third at Dew Tour in Breckenridge
Scotty Lago scored a third place in the Super Pipe event at Breckenridge last week, where the Dew Tour made its opening round in very good snow. After a blizzardy start to the contest the skies opening up enough to shine some light on the pipe for a most interesting final.  As of lately never has there been such a nail biting at the buzzer type of showdown. Scotty kicked off the day stomping a whole run, sending his score into the 90's locking him in on a solid 1st place for pretty much the whole contest. It took a whole two runs and eight riders later to knock Scotty off his perch. Who better to do than his good friend, no other than Danny Davis. Scotty had the highest score of the contest going into the finals. Until the last moment Lago was in the running for the win, but on the last two runs he was bested by Shawn White and Danny Davis, who on the last run of the event sealed the win.
Billabong team rider Jenny Jones also took home 2nd place in the Women's division.
Billabong team riders Scotty Lago, Shayne Pospisil, Marius Otterstad, Antti Autti Jamie Anderson, and Jenny Jones all are out in Vermont this weekend competing for the 2nd stop of this years Winter Dew tour. Scotty Lago will be out there hoping to do well once after last week's solid Dew tour performance.