• Billabong surfer, activist, Lauren Hill - The Sea Kin.

Billabong surfer, activist, and overall rad human being, Lauren Hill, created a really cool online Zine called The Sea Kin.  Check out a little interview we did with her and also be sure to check out the Zine!

Where did the idea come from to make this magazine?

I wanted to create a little vision of what surfing culture looks like to me, to celebrate the wonder and create discussion about the less-than-wonderful aspects of our culture.


What sorts of articles are in this Zine'?  What makes it different from other surf publications?

The themes running through Sea Kin focus on ocean community, ecology, and activism. You’ll find articles about environmental issues, yoga, art, food and the differences between men and women’s surfing.

I’ve found that much of mainstream surfing media doesn’t really resonate with me; it usually doesn’t leave me feeling inspired, impassioned or engaged. So, I wanted to create something that conjured those kinds of emotions, at least for me.

What really makes Sea Kin different is that it is mostly (but not entirely) written, edited, photographed and designed by women. I do not consider it solely a women’s surfing ‘zine though; it just has a more feminine bias, in the same way that most surfing magazines have a masculine bias.


Who were some of your favorite people to work with while putting this together?

I really enjoyed building rapport with Cher Pendarvis. You don’t often get to hear the voices of older women in surfing culture, which is a shame, because they’ve been surfing alongside men since the ancient Hawaiians, at least. Cher is one of the unsung sheros of surfing, she is filled with aloha and has an incredible technical prowess for surfboards and design. I love sitting at the feet of the elders of our culture, so I was so honored to be able to include Cher’s story about her friendship with Rell Sunn.

Will we be seeing another issue next year?

If we get good feedback and find that people enjoy it then we’ll keep creating ‘zines. In the mean time, I’ll be running my blog www.TheSeaKin.com --- it’s an ongoing manifestation of the ‘zine.

What have you been up to the past few months?

Lots! Working with Kiwis Against Seabed Mining in New Zealand to protect the Maui’s Dolphin (of which there are only 55 in the world!), sliding in Sumatra, learning to garden in Australia, searching for surf in the Mediterranean, eating big plates of pasta in Italy, meeting with the Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO), and documenting my travels through words and imagery.

What are your plans for the next few months?

Lots of water time in Australia and then to India to work with the Kovalam Surf Club, which provides medical facilities, educational opportunities and surf lessons for impoverished youth. Check out www.beyondthesurfacefilm.com

You can check out the Zine here:  The Sea Kin 'Zine