• Bode Merrill's First Quarterpipe Classic

Bode Merrill's First Quarterpipe Classic

Snowboarder Magazine’s 2017 Rider of the Year Bode Merrill hosted his first annual Quarterpipe Classic in Brighton, UT this past weekend. Is there a better way to end the season than a session on a hand dug quarter pipe with a bluebird backdrop? No. The answer is definitely no, there is not. Out with a tweaked back from a crash earlier in the week, Bode played host to pro's and amateur's from across the country and with everything from one footed McTwists, to switch methods and some wrecks to write home about, the consistent theme through the day was stoke from everyone, including Bode himself!

Full Results:
Women’s Am
Sierra Jewett

Women’s Pro
1. Nirvana Ortanez
2. Desiree Melancon
3. Sierra Jewett

Men’s Am
Connor Paulson

Men’s Pro
1. Nils Mindnich (Also won highest air and best grab)
2. Hans Mindnich
3. Gravedigger

Best Plant
Jeff Richards

Best Crash
Jill Perkins

Best Flip
Ryan Flaska

Read a full recap of the weekend over on Snowboarder Mag.

Photos by Sean Traer