• Bode Merrill's Mini Pipe Invitational 2017

Bode Merrill's 6th Annual Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational went down on Thursday at Mount Hood's High Cascade Snowboard Camp. A heavy lineup of pros gathered to join Bode and session the mini pipe all afternoon. The roster included Danny Davis, Chris Grenier, Forest Bailey, Nils Mindnich, Max Warbington, Kelly Clark and Desiree Melancon. The mini pipe was filled with non stop action, back to back hits and jaw dropping tricks. Thanks to Bode for putting on another amazing event again this year.



1. Max Warbington
2. Nils Mindnich
3. Danny Davis
4. Zeb Powell
5. Scott Blum and Louie Vito (tie)
6. Hans Mindnich and Colin Langlois
7. Jacob Krugmire
8. Chris Beresford and Bode Merrill
9. Finn Westbury and Brandon Reis
10. Jake Pates


1. Desiree Melancon
2. Kelly Clark
3. Nirvana Ortanez

Best Flip: Zeb Powell (back five to disaster on the rainbow box)
Best Plant: Nate Carroll (teabag on the rainbow box)
Best Grab: Nils Mindnich (switch method)
Highest Air: Nils Mindnich
Worst Crash: Zeb Powell (savage scorp)