• Cabo trippin' with Bloom Babes

Cabo trippin' with Bloom Babes

Their surf trip was better than yours…and we’ll tell you why.

I mean, when you mix business with pleasure, and surfing with florals, it really might be what we’d like to officially dub of a ‘match made in paradise’. It goes without saying, that the duo behind Bloom Babes makes our hearts crush with excitement – they do what they love, do it very well (see our recent Summer Surf Party), empower other women, and have somehow mastered taking time for themselves. Sorta.

Now, insert their recent Cabo escapades and countless other ‘work’ road trips filled with some very entertaining snapchats (yes, you should follow them Bloom_babes), so we had to catch up with our girl gang – who did in fact extend and invite to any drifters worthy of some time under the Mexican sun, and asked all the tough questions. Again, sorta.

But we did get the inside scoop on business + pleasure and how daydreams can be a reality, and let’s just say, we feel pretty good about it. Learn a little more about Angie and Emily below...

photography: Jeff Brockmeyer