• DIY: Boheme Ghost Garland

DIY: Boheme Ghost Garland

If you’re like us, you’re always ready for a bohemian beach DIY. And when that how-to happens to add a bit of haunt to our Halloween we’re already fixin’ to get started.

Here’s how we’re giving ghosts a boheme-style makeover using some handmade tassels and making an easy garland strand you’re going to want to have hanging in your home year round’. Did we mention it’s budget friendly and takes a little over and hour to do? Boo-yah.


1. Cotton Twine

2. Wiggle Eyes (yes, just like the kind kids use in everyday crafts)

3. Scissors

4. A thicker rope for your garland strand

First off, start by making a bunch of tassels. We promise, they’re super easy to make and you’ll get the hang of it after you’ve made a couple. Here’s a picture that will help you visualize the process.

Start by folding both ends together and knot the center using a separate piece of string. Wrap another piece of string across the top portion using a knot, wrap it around 5-6 times and then knot and cut. Finish up your tassel by trimming the ends to desired length. Again, we suggest doing this all in an assembly line to make the process go by in a flash.

Add your wiggle eyes using a bit of glue and let dry.

Tie your tassel ghosts to a separate thicker rope to make a garland. We chose to stagger ours slightly to create an effortless beachy-inspired look.

Happy hauntings…