• Exploring Mexico with Bella Kenworthy and Samantha Sibley

Exploring Mexico with Bella Kenworthy and Samantha Sibley

Mexico was on their mind.

The warm weather, white sands and peeling surf breaks were calling their name. For young surfers Bella Kenworthy and Samantha Sibley, ages 9 and 15, this was their first trip down the coast to mainland Mexico.

Mexico was everything they could have hoped for and more. The girls stayed in a house just a couple of miles from the beach, and with much anticipation and energy rose before dawn each morning to be in the water just before sunrise. Every morning they couldn't wait to race down to the water and be woken up by the waves hitting their boards. As Bella Kenworthy proclaimed, she "went to Mexico solely to get barreled". Fearless of the powerful Mexico breaks, the girls were eager and ready to charge into every set and every wave. Bella explained, "At one beach the waves were really powerful - you would get really pounded and then it would let you up quickly. At the other beach it wasn't as powerful but the holddowns were longer. I really liked that you knew that you were going to pull in and get barreled, and it helped that the water was warm!". Bella and Sam never wanted to leave to water, unless it was to visit the local skatepark. These young surfer gals had established a great routine for themselves during their time in Mexico, which consisted of surfing for hours on end, drinking fresh coconuts, eating endless amounts of local tacos and catching those tropical sunsets.

With vibrant colors that matched every sunrise and sunset, the Mexican beach town's buildings and spirit were much brighter than what the girls were accustom to at home in California. Their trip to Mexico was more than an education on the best breaks and barrels but an education on different cultures and ways of life.

I think it is safe to say they will be playing their next surf adventure to Mexico soon...