• Fantasy Surfer Picks for the Corona Open J-Bay 2017

Fantasy Surfer Picks for the Corona Open J-Bay 2017

Fantasy Surfer Picks for the Corona Open J-Bay 2017

We're just days away from the 2017 event at J-Bay and we've gotta say, we love this event. The risks? Sharks, rocks and more. The reward? One of the best rights in the world. The stakes are high but this South African gem is a can't miss stop on the tour and a regular foot's dream. We gathered the Billabong brain trust to come up with an unbeatable Fantasy Surfer team and are feeling generous enough to make it public. Take a look at our unstoppable force below and feel free to draft off of our genius when setting up your own.

Tier A

1. Julian Wilson

Always the bridesmaid, never a bride at J-Bay for Julian. A semifinal appearance in 2016 was preceded by making the finals in 2015 only to see the event called off due to Mick Fanning's traumatic shark attack. This is an event made for Julian and he's definitely one to watch in 2017.

2. Jordy Smith

Jordy just took home the win in the Ballito Pro, a QS 10,000 event in South Africa and is going to be frothing to hit the water at J-Bay. His turns look sharp and this wave suits him, expect a big run from the South African.

Tier B

1. Mick Fanning

Mick's won two of the last three events at J-Bay and didn't make it three out of three because of the shocking shark attack in 2015. Don't think, just pick Mick and enjoy the points.

2. Kelly Slater

Yeah, his back is giving him some problems but Kelly's got a thing going with this wave and has made the quarter's and semi's the last two years. A few weeks of rest likely did him some good and he should come back ready for J-Bay.

3. Kolohe Andino

Kolohe is due a big run in an event and this could be the one. The wave suits his style and could jump start the rest of his year so we think he's worth a shot.

4. Sebastian Zietz

Seabass is our requisite wildcard pick for this event. Can't you see him making the finals? Of course, he can dominate a right. But then can't you see him bouncing out in round 2 after losing to a wildcard? Totally. Every event needs one so we recommend making Seabass your wildcard, too.

Tier C

1. Jack Freestone

Have you seen some of Jack's warm up sessions? We have and he's looking good. Give him a run out in this one and get on the hype train before everyone else.

2. Conner Coffin

Coffin's forehand power surfing game is going to pair well with J-Bay's peeling right. He's also made a run in a few events this year and is a bargain in the third tier for this one.

Good luck!