• Festival Tips from Catherine Clark

Catherine Clark knows a thing or two about festivals, so with Coachella coming up, we asked her to share some tips, memories and of course, a detailed description of what she will be wearing.

Which festivals will you be attending in the next few months? I will be attending the first weekend of Coachella, then heading to Lightning in a Bottle in July. That festival is amazing. Super grass roots. Lots of good music, food, yoga and enlightening workshops. Can't wait to see what's in store this year.

Which bands are you dying to see? Mt. Wolf, James Blake, The XX, Sigur Ros, Passion Pit, Lord Huron, Purity Ring, Benni Benassi, oh my gosh I'm so exicted!!!

Roadtrip theme song? Hmmm it's definitely a toss up between Life Size Ghosts by Mt. Wolf, and I never Learnt to Share by James Blake. They're both kind of moody songs. But maybe I'll throw in a little Sleepyhead by Passion Pit to spice it up ya know?

Camping vs Hotel? I'm actually staying at my Grandma's this year. It's awesome, she lives on a golf course, it's beautiful to wake up to. I've camped for two years, it's fun but miserably hot. Two years ago though, we arrived the Thursday before. And all throughout the campsite, which is huge might I add, you would hear at one end of the field someone start yelling, and suddenly everyone would chime in and you would listen as it moved like this massive amazing wave until finally you were surrounded by it just screaming and yelling at the top of your lungs, pure joy and excitement for the day to come. That was probably one of the best feelings I've ever had being a part of that. Last year, I was in my campsite and just randomly started howling like a coyote and it took off just the same. And then continued in different parts of the camp throughout the night. I'm pretty sure that was at Coachella, might have been at Lightning the year before. Anyways, it was awesome.

Catherine Clark Coachella Outfit

What are your Coachella essentials? My Coachella essentials! Hmm. Definitely some new Billabong clothes, swim suit for lounging poolside, a few pieces of jewelry, Reef sandals and Bella Costa slippers. It's really fun to bring things to trade. Two years ago I made a handful of rings to pass out. This year I'm making painted feather headdresses and jewelry.

Flowy Dress vs Cut-offs? Ahh! Flowy dress in the day for the nice delicate music. Cut-offs for the bass in ya face late night delight!

Festival Outfit from head to toe? Gosh probably a cut off T or just a loose T with high-waisted shorts. A few necklaces and bracelets. I love my combat boots, I rock them pretty often. Something comfy and light to move in. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a bit of a hot mess on the dance floor, ya know I believe in that hip shakin' freedom.

Favorite Festival Memory? Ahh, well two years ago, the last day sunset at Coachella was unfathomable. I was wrapped in it, the music, the temperature, the colours coalescing in the distance. It was serene. At Lightning in a Bottle two years ago, I had the most incredible moment. We were on the top of the hill, an area at the venue overlooking the lake. There was this recorder where you could put on headphones, sing and hear yourself and whoever else was singing. A group of about 5 of us began harmonizing. Overlooking the lake, harmonizing these beautiful tones, it was amazing.

Billabong - Catherine Clark

Check out Catherine's latest album as you scroll through a few of our favorite images stolen from her Instagram and past Billabong photo shoots...

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