• Gift Giving Holiday Soap DIY

Gift Giving Holiday Soap DIY

Festive decorations, fresh scents and little handmade gifts to give alongside any of our favorite go-to Billabong Womens gifts. We’re all kinda obsessed in the office with fresh smelling candles, essential oils, and well, anything that smells good and comes in cute little packages tied up with string.

For this little how-to, we’ve combined some fresh holiday scents to make festive gifts to give…hand soap anyone?!

Before you get started, you will need some supplies to make some fragrant soap to chop into blocks and gift as hostess gifts or maybe even a stocking stuffer.

  • Goat Milk soap
  • An oven
  • A microwave (or if you can use a stovetop)
  • A glass bowl
  • A soap block mold
  • Vanilla Essential Oil
  • Fresh Oranges
  • Fresh Lavender
  • A knifeWe started by cutting up our fresh, cleaned oranges into thin slices to begin drying. We collected fresh lavender from the garden at the same time.

After setting our oven to 200 degrees, we carefully placed our sliced oranges along a drying rack. The key is using a drying rack so the oranges don’t stick!

After the oven has preheated we placed our oranges and lavender springs inside, and flipped every 30 minutes for a couple hours. Some orange slices dried faster than others, along with the lavender, so we pulled those out as they dried out to perfection and set aside.

Cut the full block of goat milk soap into tiny squares and add to your glass bowl to allow for ease of melting in the microwave and stir until it has all melted thoroughly.

We then detached the dried lavender from the springs and added them into the melted soap.

Afterwards, we added about 10 drops of vanilla essential oil to the mix and stirred until mixed thoroughly.

We then poured the mixture into the block bold and set aside until it full dries and hardens. After it was dried (about an hour), we detached the mold carefully and removed any excess soap from the block of soap and cut them into small bars of soap.

Next up, the oranges! For a citrus flair to your soaps, we recreated the steps above, and after allowing the mold to dry slightly we inserted the dried orange slices, allow to dry and sliced into equal bars.

Using a bit of brown paper, we’ll wrap these up, tie with a string!

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