US OPEN of surfing
Granger Larson

Granger Larsen is living and breathing in the action at the US Open of Surfing in HB this week. He's staying in the thick of it, posted up at the Shorebreak Hotel. In the mist of the parties, promos, music, and thousands of people covering the beach.

With all that going on Granger is in the heat of competition, and he's loving it,

"Competiting in the main event you get to surf again the best guys in the world. This is one of the only Primes that alot of the world tour surfers compete in. You can surf against some of the best, and as far as spectators and fans it's one of the biggest surf events in the world."

And he did. He already surfed against World Title contender Gabriel Mendia (and beat him!), and today advanced through a heat of all Brazilian surfers.

Granger will surf tomorrow in a well deserved stress-free no loser round. yeah Granger!


Granger Larson advances!

PS. Billabong Surf Team autograph signings & giveaways happening this Friday at Jack's Surf Shop at 4PM and Saturday at HSS at 5PM. See you and 100s of your closest friends in Huntington Beach.