• Greg Long up for National Geographic Adventurer of the Year

Big wave surfers are a different breed of wave riders.

They often enjoy harsh elements and a lack of exposure.

They are close with one another like brothers and could care less for 'pumping' Trestles.

They train daily for the few days a year they get to dust off the big guns and paddle into the history books.

They are guys like Shane Dorian, Jeff Clark, Grant Baker and of course...Greg Long.

We are so stoked to inform you that Greg is in the running for the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. We aren't surprised in the least, in fact we have a hunch he has a shot at winning, so let's start voting.

The voting period ends January 31st, but you can start voting today and drop a vote every day until then. Click here to support Greg with a vote and then share the link with your friends. Between his good guy characteristics and big wave skills, we don't know a more deserving Adventurer.