• Groms In Brazil - Day 1

Groms In Brazil - Day 1

Our groms are in Brazil for the ASP World Junior Championships and Team Manager Rainos Hayes is there with them, both to help them win and keep you up to date. All photos courtesy the one & only Simone Harrer.

Today after a warm up surf with Frankie Harrer, Josh Moniz and Seth Moniz, the competition was called off for an official lay day. Although we had the first day of sun in a few days, heavy onshore winds shut things down early. With the casualty of Josh Moniz' board in the morning's warm up, the surf sacrifice was offered and the juniors headed off to find more favorable conditions down the coast. 

Praia Brava is a hidden little nook where cleaner conditions and warmer temperatures were found. Fun little runners were up and down the beach providing two hours worth of ramps. After the session we were all good and hungry for the Doca Reataraunt and buffet. The endless heaps of tasty local Brazilian dishes and meats on offer satisfied everyone. 

From there the final move of the day was to Praia Mole. An awesome training zone that came with peaks everywhere. A bit windy for today, we watched the potential while eating the areas best acai bowls according to Alex, our local guide. Amping on our epic desert, we jumped in the van only to hit Sunday traffic and inch our way back home. 

Once home, we found the winds had increased and sand was flying everywhere. At our hotel, we found Jake Halstead and Cam Richards had just arrived thanks to Billabong team manager ZePaulo. 

The women's waiting period is on and we will see if the winds back off. Good chance for a run!