• Groms in Brazil - Day 2

Groms in Brazil - Day 2

Our groms are in Brazil for the ASP World Junior Championships and Team Manager Rainos Hayes is there with them, both to help them win and keep you up to date.

Another lay day for the Juniors here at Joaquina Beach Brazil. 

Washing and windy conditions didn't stop the competitors from getting out amongst it all. The wave being ridden all day ended up being an inside left that reformed and doubled up all the way to the shore. High tide wedges and water swirling in circles made for some interesting action. You either got a good one or got a swatting on the double up. Cam Richards, Jake Halstead, Josh Moniz, Seth Moniz, Nomme Minogne and Mitch Parkinson all worked to find a rhythm and some completeness in a messy and high energy lineup. 

A small trip into town for lunch and supplies, broke up the morning and evening sessions nicely. We ate, we laughed, we took a few pictures.

Still windy right now, but looking highly likely to run in the morning. We will be up for a 7:30 am call for an 8:00 am start is that is headed our way. 

There's a good chance our ladies will be up first, there was a fierce battle all afternoon. A surprise visit by new World Tour recruit Alessa Quizon, kept everyone on their toes. Look for her to give us some insight on her new adventure, as she will guest commentate sometime during the event. 

Lots happening and it is soon to be on!