• Hollister Ranch

There's something really special about this place, something that calls to my heart every time I venture back to civilization. The Ranch holds a constant hum in my subconscious, always beckoning me to return to the place my heart resides.

Ranch, 1

I am lucky enough to be friends with a few beautiful people living in this little slice of heaven. My friend Sam has a place overlooking the ocean. To the left is a lovely little pond, land scattered with trees and the brilliance of the open air which collects into millions of lights in the night sky.


Trees, water. Lost among the element of natural illusion.

hot tub

Jaclyn Cossart. Beautiful wife of Billabong surfer Nole Cossart. Always such a gift to come up here and spend time with them and their new little girl Saeja.

hot tub, 2

Nole and Jacky again.

hot tub, 3

Lounging in the jacuzzi, overlooking the ocean and beautiful scenery. I really can't describe the magic of this place, and especially the beauty that Sam has created around his house, with the trees, the grass, and just the energy in general.

hot tub, 4