• How Sweet It Is. Celebrating #GALENTINES with our Love Trip Collection

How Sweet It Is.  Celebrating #GALENTINES with our Love Trip Collection

February is all about Galentines over Valentines. Ladies, get in formation. It’s time to celebrate us.

This Galentines Day the Billabong Womens' team is encouraging the celebration of you and your girl gang.

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Love is in the air and the long anticipated holiday of Valentine's Day is upon on us. Pinterest is trending with pink treats, heart shapes and flowery words. Convenience stores look like cupid invaded with his love-struck arrows. This Valentine's Day we are mixing things up and intentionally celebrating Galentine's Day to honor and spoil our best gals. It is the perfect chance to get your girl gang together: your friends, your mom, your coworkers and celebrate them extravagantly. Sweeten up for your Galentine's Day with this season's light-hearted Love Trip Collection, filled with easy going minimal prints (like the 'First Timer' Dress) and playful 70's grooves (like the 'Believe in Me' Denim Romper) for a perfectly undone, feminine look. If mystery filled chocolates and candlelit dinners aren't your thing, but rather you find yourself daydreaming of a holiday that solely celebrates you and your adoration for your girl gang, Galentine's Day is a date you need to put in your calendar. Because after all your best girlfriends are your actual soul mates and have been through the ups and downs with you, so let's celebrate the ladies who are with and for you 365 days a year.