• Interview with Billabong Junior + Girl's Designer Megan LeBrasseur


1. What exactly does your job entail?

My job entails working w/ our design team of 4 designers and a director to plan each season: We start by researching trends.  We shop New York, London and LA – always; and next week we’re going to NY, Austin, Portland and SF to spice things up...  We buy fabric prints from vendors and our artists help to create prints.  We choose a color palette for each season (we design 4 per year: Spring/Summer/Fall/Holiday) and we color our prints using Illustrator and Photoshop.  After shopping and finding (hopefully) tons of trend ideas for new silhouettes and fabrics, we plan the line and then start sketching new designs!  (that’s the fun part :)

We work closely with product merchandisers who help us correspond with our factories overseas to get all fabrics, lab dips artwork, etc. correct for samples. We fit with a model and patternmakers to make sure all the garments fit perfectly too. There’s lots of odds and ends to follow up with as we’re making sure all our designs from all seasons are looking good from samples to production.

2. When did you start working at Billabong?

I’ve been at Billabong 4 years exactly! I designed for Rusty and Split before Billabong and my former boss at Rusty recommended me and helped me get the interview here.

3. Have you always designed clothing?

I have designed clothing since I was 8 years old and would make pretend magazines with markers and notebook paper! I’ve always wanted to be a designer, or artist, and could never see myself doing anything else :)

4. So who is the "Billabong Girl" you're designing for?

I think of the “Billabong Girl” we design for as free spirited, creative, into music and fun times in the sun!  She looks dressed up and thrown together all once without looking like she tried too hard.  Her style reflects her travels and fav colors, and she is influenced by the beach lifestyle.

5. What should we look forward to for the future season's collection?

It’s mid summer, so that means Fall ‘11 is in stores – we have 70’s style bell bottoms, fringed sweaters, high-waisted cut-off’s with beat-up rocker tee’s, cute Native American inspired printed dresses and throws, a maxi dress w/ ditsy floral print, hints of lace, studded details and cool tie dyes sprinkled throughout the line... Just to name a few :)




desk back

front view



Hope you enjoyed taking a sneak peak of designer Megan LeBrasseur here at Billabong!

xo Nicole