• Lay Day Mission to Moorea | Tahiti Pro 2018

Lay Day Mission to Moorea | Tahiti Pro 2018

The Tahiti Pro was called off for the day, and it was Griffin’s last day in Tahiti, so the boys decided to go out on an adventure to Moorea.

Griffin, Parko, and good mate Dingo Morrison packed up the car and headed out. On the way to town to catch the boat to Moorea, they took a little detour to a spring fed stream - where the water comes right out of the mountain. After a quick dip they were back on the road.

Once in Papeete, they met up with local Kevin Johnson, Billabong Bloodlines grommet Tommy Coleman, and fellow World Tour surfer, Keanu Asing. The crew crossed the channel, and 45 minutes later they found themselves having lunch on a sandbar in Moorea.

After lunch and a quick dip chasing a stingray, they moved over to the section of the reef called “The Aquarium”. Naturally, the reason it's called “The Aquarium” is because it is a protected habitat where there are tons of fish and sea creatures since they are not fished.

It's here that the boys discovered that Joel Parkinson has a deep-seated fear of stingrays. Turns out Joel is more afraid of rays than he is of sharks. Kevin was able to get Joel to overcome his fear of rays and by the end of the day, he was actually petting them.

From there, the boys moved over to another sandbar that was loaded with sharks and stingrays. The crew jumped in and chased around the sharks and rays and managed to not get bit. Some of the crew were more afraid of the sharks than others. Either way it was nonstop laughter and the whole crew would agree that it was an epic day.

After chasing (and being chased) by sharks and rays, the crew made the 45 minute trek back to Papeete where they had a nice dinner at the Intercontinental Hotel and said farewell to Griffin Colapinto and Tommy Coleman, as they would be leaving for the airport and their flights back home.

Round Three of the Tahiti Pro Teahupo'o will be coming up soon, so be sure to tune in & cheer for your favorite Billabong surfers - Joel Parkinson (in his last Tahiti Pro) Italo Ferreira, and Frederico Morais.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Miller (@badboyryry_)