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Billabong X White Mike

For the last few decades sharks have been maligned and misunderstood… Often viewed with a sense of fear and loathing.  As a consequence, the public has largely ignored the plight of these incredible creatures over the past several decades. Today sharks are being slaughtered at a rate of 70 million a year, mostly in order to serve a growing appetite in Chinese markets for shark fin soup.

White Mike is a group of people that share the common opinion that we need to do everything we can to preserve these amazing animals. Only in recent years have people started to see the truth about shark; that they are the tip of a very fragile eco system in our oceans and are vital to keeping out oceans healthy. At the top of the food chain, sharks serve a purpose similar to other top predators on land such as wolves and lions which also maintain balance in their respective ecosystems.

But more than that… White Mike recognizes that we should not only value sharks for their pragmatic importance to keeping the oceans healthy but beacuse they have value in their own right. They are majestic, graceful, beautiful creatures that deserve our respect, admiration and urgent protection.

Billabong X White Mike

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