• Massive Unruly Swells Force Lay Day for Billabong Pipeline Masters

Plenty of swell on the North Shore and the Billabong Pipeline Masters will be looking to commence in the coming days. Credit: © ASP/ CI/ SCHOLTZ via GETTY IMAGE

PIPELINE, Oahu/Hawaii (Monday, December 8, 2009) - The Billabong Pipeline Masters, Event No. 10 of 10 on the 2009 ASP World Tour, has called a lay day today, with unruly 20-foot (7 metre) seas closing out the famed break at the Banzai Pipeline.
Surfline, official forecasters for the Billabong Pipeline Masters, are calling for today's fetch of swell to slowly decline over the next several days meaning there will be plenty of surf on offer to kickstart the final event of the 2009 ASP World Tour season.
Event organizers will reconvene tomorrow morning at 7am to assess conditions for a possible 8am start.
The Billabong Pipeline Masters will be webcast LIVE via www.billabongpro.com and www.triplecrownofsurfing.com
For more information, log onto www.aspworldtour.com
Heat 1: Jihad Khodr (BRA) vs. Gavin Gillette (HAW)
Heat 2: Gabe Kling (USA) vs. Kalani Chapman (HAW)
Heat 3: Andy Irons (HAW) vs. Marcus Hickman (HAW)
Heat 4: Aritz Aranburu (EUK) vs. Dusty Payne (HAW)
Heat 5: Nathaniel Curran (USA) vs. Liam McNamara (HAW)
Heat 6: David Weare (ZAF) vs. Hank Gaskell (HAW)
Heat 7: Bruce Irons (HAW) vs. Reed McIntosh (HAW)
Heat 8: Nic Muscroft (AUS) vs. Sunny Garcia (HAW)
Heat 9: Michael Picon (FRA) vs. Manoa Drollet (PYF)
Heat 10: Shane Dorian (HAW) vs. Kamalei Alexander (HAW)
Heat 11: Dayyan Neve (AUS) vs. Jonah Morgan (HAW)
Heat 12: Luke Stedman (AUS) vs. Flynn Novak (HAW)
Heat 13: Dustin Barca (HAW) vs. Sion Miloski (HAW)
Heat 14: John John Florence (HAW) vs. Danny Fuller (HAW)
Heat 15: Jay Thompson (AUS) vs. Mason Ho (HAW)
Heat 16: Phillip MacDonald (AUS) vs. Jamie O'Brien (HAW)
Heat 1: Chris Davidson (AUS) vs. TBA
Heat 2: Roy Powers (HAW) vs. TBA
Heat 3: Greg Emslie (ZAF) vs. TBA
Heat 4: Kekoa Bacalso (HAW) vs. TBA
Heat 5: Tim Reyes (USA) vs. TBA
Heat 6: Tiago Pires (PRT) vs. TBA
Heat 7: Josh Kerr (AUS) vs. TBA
Heat 8: Kai Otton (AUS) vs. TBA
Heat 9: Dean Morrison (AUS) vs. TBA
Heat 10: Chris Ward (USA) vs. TBA
Heat 11: Michel Bourez (PYF) vs. TBA
Heat 12: Heitor Alves (BRA) vs. TBA
Heat 13: Mick Campbell (AUS) vs. TBA
Heat 14: Tim Boal (FRA) vs. TBA
Heat 15: Ben Dunn (AUS) vs. TBA
Heat 16: Drew Courtney (AUS) vs. TBA
Heat 1: Adrian Buchan (AUS) vs. TBA
Heat 2: Mick Fanning (AUS) vs. TBA
Heat 3: Damien Hobgood (USA) vs. TBA
Heat 4: Bobby Martinez (USA) vs. TBA
Heat 5: Adriano de Souza (BRA) vs. TBA
Heat 6: Tom Whitaker (AUS) vs. TBA
Heat 7: Fredrick Patacchia (HAW) vs. TBA
Heat 8: Kelly Slater (USA) vs. TBA
Heat 9: Bede Durbidge (AUS) vs. TBA
Heat 10: Kieren Perrow (AUS) vs. TBA
Heat 11: Taj Burrow (AUS) vs. TBA
Heat 12: Jordy Smith (ZAF) vs. TBA
Heat 13: Taylor Knox (USA) vs. TBA
Heat 14: C.J. Hobgood (USA) vs. TBA
Heat 15: Joel Parkinson (AUS) vs. TBA
Heat 16: Dane Reynolds (USA) vs. TBA