• Catching up with Mathea Olin

Catching up with Mathea Olin

11 year old cold water surfer, Mathea Olin has been turning heads in her hometown Tofino, BC for a few years now. She has taken her skills across the boarder and has been dominating her age category in several events in California. This grom is on fire.

Mathea, how long have you been surfing?

I've only been on a surf board for a couple of years. My connection with the ocean boogie boarding and playing in the waves started when I was really young. The beach and surf is my back yard.

Do you like surfing in cold or warm water better?

I love the clean cold water of the North Pacific but I equally love trips to warm water surf where I don't have to put on a wetsuit. My favourite surf spots are Kalihiwai Reef, Cox Bay (my back yard) and all the remote awesome waves right off Tofino's coast.

What is it like surfing against girls twice your age, do you get nervous?

I love the challenge of surfing against older women, I don't get nervous I find it inspiring to be on a peak with 3 other good surfers.

What is your favourite thing about the ocean?

Surfing is my greatest passion so I love the ocean, the ocean soothes me and calms me, it gives me a place to think and helps me to remember who I am. It also gives me so much energy and refreshes me. I love how pure and clean it is, how life giving it is. I think I'm part Mermaid, the ocean feels like home.

What makes you happy?

When I see other people happy, and when I do kind things for others. When I'm out surfing enjoying the waves and the people and being grateful for where I'm at. Being outdoors going on adventures with my friends and family, and mostly having fun with my sister.

Photos by Kyler Vos