• Meet Ming Of The Drifter Blog

Meet Ming Of The Drifter Blog

Meet Ming Nomchong, a freelance photographer based in Byron Bay, Australia who specializes in fashion, surf and lifestyle and whose work both inspires us and seems to be something we cannot get enough of, and lucky for us, we’re not the only ones.

Maybe you’ve seen her blog? TheDrifter, filled with salty lifestyle inspiration and more notably, her work.

Ming quite simply has an undeniable ability to capture the essence of her subject and transform it into an emotive, powerful image, drawing her audience in and captivating them. Given her uncanny ability and passion for creating beautiful, captivating images sees Ming constantly traveling the world to shoot…and giving us an extra dose of wanderlust on the daily. Combine that with her documentary style of shooting and unique point of view, Ming is fast becoming a popular figure within the industry and amongst creative peers like Lauren Hill.

Born in the Sunshine State but spending equal time on the Sunshine Coast. Lauren Hill is a tale of two cities – St. Augustine Florida and Byron Bay, Australia. She’s volunteered at VDAY, an organization that benefits domestic abuse. She and her beau, Dave Rastovich, are committed environmental activists, often pegged as the perfect eco couple. As a Girls Longboard champion, Lauren has the surf chops to earn respect in the line up, speak for women, crusade for marine wildlife and create a thought-provoking, articulate website called The Seakin. It’s pretty easy to admire a woman with beauty, brains, nimble wave grace, a depth in many fields, and a commendable sense of real commitment.

Together, Ming with her camera and Lauren Hill with her beauty, brains and wave grace teamed up to help us say hello to sweater weather.