• Nature Vibes with Abby Brothers

Nature Vibes with Abby Brothers

Abby Brothers from @loveandlayers

Photos by Brooke Frederick

Sometimes you need to escape the 90 degree heat in Southern California…and get in a cooler frame of mind. So, we packed up the van, the 35mm film, fishing supplies in tow, and ventured in search of mountainous fresh air, pine trees, fresh water feels and those good old fashion nature vibes. You know, the kind of vibes when you warm up by a campfire, exchange throwback stories, make your own trails, skip rocks, bask in the sunshine, cozy up in the cool, drink decent coffee, and stumble upon the most beautiful of spots. Then, when it’s all done, you start daydreaming about returning once again to those sweet, sweet vibes.

We started our road trip up the 395 and ended up at a place somewhere wedged between Bishop and Mammoth. Basically, if you take ‘Tom’s Place’ exit and head into the valley, that’s where we got our nature vibes on. We stayed at Rock Creek Lodge for some much needed off the grid moments and found a mixture of rustic campsites and really cute cabins for rent year-round. This was the quintessential spot to kick up our feet and start a little nearby exploring through the woods and then hit up the Hot Springs in Mammoth for some picturesque views and a casual dip. Take a look...