• Neon Seas

Salina Cruz Travel Diary by Billabong surfer, Courtney Conlogue & video edited by friend, Dillon Chang.

I ventured on this trip in search of serenity. The moment I set foot on the plane, the competition and training stayed in LA. I wanted to enjoy the whole reason I started surfing from its purest form. While on the trip, I was given the nickname "Aquabat" because I would be in the water as long as I could. I went on this trip with my brother, my shaper (Tim Stamps), and a friend. Every morning we woke up with the sun, searching for a new adventure. By the end of the trip we all voted to make this a tradition. A trip where you surf, laugh, eat great food and have a lot of fun.

Salina Cruz Tips:

  • Stay at Las Palmeras Surf - ask for David, he's the man!
  • Have sunscreen on 24/7
  • Don't forget your sunglasses
  • Get lost in the moment