• Newest team rider, Brodi Sale from Kona Town

Meet our newest team rider from Kona Town, Big Isle, Brodi Sale. This blonde grom just turned 8-years-old and will be competing in the menehune division for 4 more years.  Pictured here with Eli, they are the youngest competitors in the game. To quote Brodi, "I would like to thank all my sponsors, uh Billabong, I just got sponsored yesterday." The whole crowd laughed and cheered for him.

NSSA stage

Not scared or shy, Brodi wants to be like Uncle Shane-o when he grows up.  A smart grom, he's excellent in math and beats his parents regularly card games and chess.  Welcome to the Billabong family.

Brodi Sale & Cam Richards

Billabong team riders Brodi Sale from Kona and 2011 Nationals Open Mens Champion Cam Richards.