• Occ-Cast Episode 10 featuring Kevin Dillon

In episode 10 of the Occ-Cast, Occy sits down at the Billabong Pipe Masters with actor Kevin Dillon, best known as Johnny Drama from Entourage. The boys talk Kevin's favorite roles ever, his time in Australia and Kevin's troubles with stand up paddle boarding.

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Full audio transcription -

0:00hey everyone the guys at billabong

0:01giving away a trip to stay at the

0:03billabong team house at part on the

0:05North Shore of Hawaii visit

0:08billboard.com to enter the sweepstakes

0:09and now on to the podcast


0:23get everyone welcome to the outcast

0:28we're in Hawaii and it's an honor for

0:30major hat it be interviewing my first

0:33celebrity kevin dillon come on the first

0:36one first one haha

0:38it is now we're in Hawaii i met your

0:40foot for the first time the other night

0:42we had a good time we had a good time at

0:44the billabong five miles yeah party

0:47oh yeah Obama care about us said it was

0:50good shadows anyone here now Shannon and

0:52I know yeah that's a couple I always

0:54wanted to be James for like nine months

0:55and she was telling me about you know I

0:57was like what

0:58that's great we're gonna have a nice

0:59interview I'm hit

1:02youssef heavyset i have not I have not i

1:05grew up in New York kind of you know

1:06city slicker a little bit but I do live

1:08in Malibu now and she serves she's

1:12trying to get me into it I do have a bum

1:13knee I got a little bit of a little tear

1:15my left knee so I got to get that taken

1:17care but i have tried some stand-up a


1:20yeah I like it it was fun it was hard

1:23though I didn't realize how hard it was

1:25gonna be you were telling me don't be

1:26late Hamilton no no I didn't do it later

1:28I know layer again let me there's a

1:30friend of mine from Malibu but obviously

1:32actually Waikiki and they're like oh

1:34well maybe we don't have any beginner

1:35board so we're going to give you this

1:36small little and i kept falling over I

1:39was it was embarrassing guy who's

1:41laughing at me on the beach but then

1:43they paddled out they said oh a Laird

1:44board came in it was a letter in the

1:46word which is much more easy to handle

1:49and i was able to actually enjoy myself

1:51then the next day my head hurts yeah

1:55Mike having your feet machines your

1:57calves and I got great calves I'm gonna

2:00have to show my calves long-standing

2:01that is not even an implant lot of

2:03people think I got implants

2:05that's an implant if I ever saw one that

2:07people have said that you can thank you

2:12i know you're gonna upstage me with the

2:13cash man hurt i didn't know that it's a

2:18rather than shutting it lets not show

2:19any other body fat yeah yeah yeah since

2:22you're gonna compete so you're born in

2:27New York

2:27mmm yeah one raised exactly i was born

2:31in Irving shell New York

2:32just north of the bronx yep yeah yeah

2:36just just slightly north i still have a

2:39house out there in Larchmont New York

2:41and my family's all there

2:43yeah they're all still need overall

2:44there i'm the only one who kind of wet

2:45West yeah and with that you know the job

2:48brought me there so uh just a community

2:50trying to audition this more auditions

2:52and that kind of roll around there on

2:54there and that was already up and also

2:56didn't have to audition like I didn't

2:57have to go out and you're trying to make


3:00you still have gotten your cats in that

3:01they forgot about you talking about me

3:04you what and what it what i just did you

3:07get into acting

3:08yeah yeah i started i started about 17

3:12maybe I think yeah yeah yeah you know

3:16Matt was that was 1300 I actually

3:19dropped out of high school because I got


3:21what was that that was called no big


3:25yeah and then I got another movie after

3:27that call heaven help us and they both

3:28took place over school so it was either

3:30be tutored while your act I want to

3:33focus on the acting so I dropped out but

3:35I did go back to summer school my mom

3:37got our nation's like you've gotta


3:40everybody's all went to summer school

3:42and I got my I got my diploma again you

3:45know someone just so here you go

3:46but no big no blood right dad never got

3:50his I got my ya never had never needed

3:53it and I've never needed it and that

3:55nobody's ever asked before she just lied

3:57to my god

3:58yeah and I'm so how many films do you

4:02think you've done well we lost you want

4:03your favorite ones i've done my makeup

4:06probably done you know 30 lat with you

4:0931-nov so that's me but as far as TV


4:13yeah I've done hundreds ok but maybe

4:17i'll wait i don't know maybe a 3 400

4:22yeah and just a couple of your favorite

4:25else well my I've got a lot of favorites

4:30you don't you of course Johnny Drama was

4:31yeah it does getting better than that

4:33guy just so much fun as he was so so

4:36nuts know the crazy they are the more

4:39fun they are

4:40drama was just absolutely no giant ego

4:43and all that but I don't have that a lot

4:45of fun part is a movie I did called

4:46heaven help us

4:47ok it was about catholic school brooklyn

4:49i think in Australia they they they call

4:51it Catholic boys

4:52yeah i'm not sure but the really good

4:55movie was like I started out doing it

4:58was a comedy and then after that i

5:02started doing dramas then they forgot

5:04you could even do comedy to entourage

5:06like I do comedy unlike you I swear but

5:09now it's now I gotta prove that I can do

5:11dramas again it's a crazy business but

5:13it's so i would say head roni from from

5:16that and then platoon but funny the

5:19crazy bring another the baby-faced

5:22killers just interesting it's fun

5:24playing the bed nutty kind of you know

5:26kid in Vietnam

5:29yeah platoon was a great movie so I was

5:31good but nothing nothing is better than

5:33Johnny Drama and I just to play that

5:36character yeah for eight seasons and

5:38then do a movie on top of it yeah that's

5:40as good together and we've been hanging

5:42out you're nothing like Johnny Drama no

5:44I'm I maybe you know they always bring

5:46some of yourself into your carrier

5:49Johnny dramas had a giant ego

5:51yeah totally self-destructed and in just

5:55but he was fun what they he is he has a

6:00huge he had a huge heart and that that

6:03was what school he cared so much better

6:04father would have done anything for his

6:05friend that's what make it made everyone

6:08liked him as bad as he was at times he

6:10did some awful things

6:12yeah but you still like to be good right

6:14he was a good guy deep down inside you

6:16know maybe you are a little bit like you

6:18got a couple traits in common traits

6:21it's a couple of common traits so I your

6:23hardest one was it platoon what was the

6:26heart of something you guys worked so


6:28well platoon might have been the

6:29toughest uh as far as to training we

6:33went through into jungle warfare

6:34training in the Philippines you know me

6:36and Charlie Sheen will default tom

6:39berenger Johnny Depp

6:41I mean we all we are sleeping in the

6:43dirt we were that and 16 we have the

6:46philippine constabulary attacking us

6:49pretending to be the bc with

6:51cake 47 I mean it was a crazy now all

6:54the tropical thunder that movie is based

6:57on platoon it all came at a platoon but

7:00we might do we did the real deal man is

7:02unbelievable man

7:04it was saying let in my care you know it

7:07was when we called each other by our

7:08character names too so we stayed

7:10character the whole way and so I not my

7:13character like it there so I embraced it

7:16and i loved it there

7:17meanwhile Charlie Sheen's character

7:20hated there's are you got a cooler aged

7:21man we got talent yeah we gotta go

7:25I didn't sign up and not how you son of


7:29where's my trailer you know but we got

7:32red fire ants biting you all over you

7:34wake up in the morning got bites all

7:35over by the way you don't wake up in the

7:37morning because you only sleep two hours

7:39you're on patrol cuz they kept attacking

7:42our perimeter so you keep watch and then

7:46two hours later like wake up it's your


7:48like what already so you never get any

7:52sleep at all but great cast forest

7:54whitaker within and I'm all these great

7:56great actors you know a good time and by

7:59the way by the way it's a it's our

8:00anniversary show tune anniversary

8:03how many is this year we did in 86 right

8:08and that's what time I got was that my

8:11mattress pad with 125 thing

8:14yeah um that I just wanna hear something


8:1820 years 20 years and military is crazy

8:20man i just want to believe that's past

8:22let's change subjects and you've been to

8:25Australia i love it love it yeah I shot

8:28two movies there

8:28yep what a new zealand new zealand yeah

8:31i love it i love the people

8:33yeah I love Australia Australia's showed

8:36me love

8:37they showed entourage love like nobody's


8:41nobody gave us more love out of all the

8:43countries in the world like Australia

8:46did I mean they showed up at the movie

8:49theaters they Pat we packed them in

8:51I mean I really feel there was a them

8:54i'm really proud of the entourage movie

8:56I thought we did a great job and I love

8:58the movie and

8:59we actually do it's all written to do is

9:02a second movie and the contracts are all

9:05in place and what's going on

9:06unfortunately they released it during

9:08Jurassic Park med max san andreas the

9:14spy movie and so we had all this great

9:17the big-block ball gown post office and

9:20we you know we still made a lot of money

9:22is it really well yeah but had they gave

9:25us a nice pocket education and

9:29everywhere we get it really dominated it

9:31but the one place we did dominate ya got

9:34all the strategy of that you gotta love


9:37throw a couple of shrimps on the bottom

9:40everyone loved and I loved it down other

9:44than i do you went to the Spring

9:46Carnival so that's one of my favorite

9:48things to do is that most racing all

9:51yeah they'll burn carbon copies bring

9:54council that's the combination of night

9:56I don't let me tell you because most

9:58guys in the world

9:59yeah i know i thought the Kentucky Derby

10:01was a big deal

10:02yeah and you know what I live in I want

10:05a piece of a bar and upstate New York

10:06it's called Spiros that's a really

10:08famous horse bar not at Saratoga and

10:12someone wanted something some when you

10:14come on you free everything sprinkling

10:16it with you can rewrite everything you

10:18got it what's it called again it's

10:19called 0 0 is a0 is very famous it's

10:23been around for ya been around really

10:26long time in your keys that it's upstate

10:28New York servatory is actually the name

10:31their saratoga springs and know that

10:33it's not too far from Manhattan maybe

10:35three hour drive to two-and-a-half-hour

10:38drive but I got to say going to

10:42Melbourne Cup I want to actually Trump

10:44that was amazing man is really hundred

10:47thousand oh my god

10:49well first of all they set me up because

10:52I was like oh I don't know where I

10:54didn't I don't want to pack a suit get a

10:55good show up all wrinkly and when I so

10:58they got me a problem

10:59turquoise suit like I pink tie and they

11:02put it hello

11:03come on really beautiful australian

11:05accent and we walked down the car with


11:08had a great time know any better any


11:12yeah we want you want i wanna a bunch of

11:14about it races

11:16yeah yeah yeah at one stage I lost my

11:18taken because I put it on some ladies

11:20giant hat and then she walked away with

11:22it had a run after her and pulled and

11:24she's like I pulled to take it off her

11:27dad but uh that's so big my biggest


11:31yeah Surfers Paradise its casino at

11:35Jupiter Jupiter's and you're playing

11:36craps delayed yeah mmm yeah

11:39lance and I told you Lance Henriksen you

11:42know the actor Lance exams a great actor

11:45with him

11:46yeah me and Lance bolt we spent all day

11:48just playing craps and I want twenty

11:51four thousand dollars way that's ever

11:55series that was always your dollars back

11:56and other guys caught off and caught up

11:59but as an American not all back then it

12:01was a little bit better than that but I

12:03mean better than that

12:04yeah it was still great I it's funny

12:06because on the craps table in Australia

12:08and no one really plays it was an

12:09American guy nobody was there except the

12:11two drunk obnoxious Americans go yeah we

12:15were just screaming to go nuts which I'm

12:18sure know it everyone the whole casino

12:19classic and we'd love to not where I'd

12:25like to know I'm sure my audience would

12:27love to know I any news roommates coming


12:31yeah I got it was made that after you

12:33listen it wasn't it kinda questions got

12:35may not be Jeremy its I don't know who's

12:38Johnny my husband Adrian did it happen

12:41to anybody

12:42movies yeah I got one coming out it's

12:45called dirt pit

12:46yeah dirt it's about off-road truck I

12:50don't know yeah I don't know if it's big

12:52and down there but it's it's all these

12:54off-road its Lucas off lucas oil off

12:56road trucking we're going all these

12:58giant i'm going to do jumps over this

13:01house so I mean they did sick job

13:03singles these trucks are so amazing and

13:06it's about you know it's about that

13:08whole world not it's pretty scary mean

13:11that want it

13:11no he's not and I don't know ok you

13:14might have something similar to tell me

13:17similar story might be

13:18let's meet you i'm pretty sure it's not

13:19off-road trucking or not it's not a

13:22franchise and these guys aren't they

13:23have a track that's built but it's a

13:25it's all it's all in the dirt yeah yeah

13:29and I'm stand-up comedian ever been

13:32interested in doing stand-up comedy

13:34not really hell yeah I'm serious now I

13:38mean to be honest with ya i have a lot

13:40of friends who do it you don't yet and i

13:43would love to do it but really that the

13:44trade to that to be great stand-up

13:46comedian you gotta be a great writer and

13:48it's all about the writing so if I

13:50worked on that maybe a little bit yeah

13:52but if someone i'm good at someone

13:55handing me the lines even own a dog

13:57gallons but I've been saying that Doug

13:59four years dog new rights because he was

14:01going to do an episode of entourage when

14:03I was trying out stand up and I was just

14:06tanking i was doing really bad and then

14:08at the end of the episode I killed it

14:10you know i like all the sudden I'm it's

14:13it's it's it's actually said talking

14:15about these great ideas can be at all

14:16these great ideas but wow yeah I would

14:20always love to do it anymore charlie is

14:23very good friend of mine yeah I don't

14:24have to make any things like a really

14:26nice girl but you come out to Malibu and

14:28i will get together he live MLB yeah

14:31he's over the hill now and like

14:32Calabasas area ok but it's all families

14:35formalities you grow up he was born and

14:37raised the malleable Montana just saw

14:40him coming months ago

14:41he's doing good yeah spirits are high

14:43right now yeah he's a great guy man

14:45thanks Erica and now why just one step a

14:50bit beyond their now interested in

14:53someone throwing me this question and

14:54you can punch me if you want but Eddie

14:56can you did you have any ways of getting

14:58into porn but i think it right and i

15:01would write that kind of help do you

15:03think yeah when I didn't think I got

15:05into the business and get in there


15:09you slimy little name when you're built

15:11like this

15:12ya know it was the casting couch

15:16now i'm blushing some of my best work

15:18was on the casting couch I don't even

15:20know what ever you

15:21it had been born I've been told I look

15:26like a certain pornstar out there I

15:28don't know he is what

15:30uh-huh yeah so what that's not AI mean

15:35you're literally and I heard your dad

15:39mad golfer I love golfing to all really

15:41are we going to get up Mary gonna tell

15:43ya when you were going to chain up we

15:45could do it to mine out to be honest

15:47with you I was supposed to leave today

15:49with tell shannon oh my god I've been

15:51texting my girlfriend tell her we were

15:53supposed to leave last night and now you

15:56want to take that night out of my way

15:58we're totally screwed up where we might

16:00be here longer but i'll go with that of

16:03its allies but you know what it was a

16:06red-eye and they said it monday that's

16:09when you're arriving but if there's

16:11communication we were told we're leaving

16:13on monday i'm in check until anyway to


16:18Here I am too big for a beautiful how I

16:21build always spoiling socks and I don't

16:23know what I'm gonna do here in Hawaii

16:26watching the terrible i've been watching

16:27the contest together the billabong I'm

16:29asteroids on white sounds fantastic but

16:32some good action at it

16:34yeah I'll have you out there you i'll be

16:36rooting for you

16:37you would think yeah it's me i'm not

16:39telling sliders would my body's anything

16:42he's good he's at a really good and he's

16:4517 Tom and he's also a scratch golfer

16:47that guys need to open he's not James

16:49I'm is another super competitive guy i

16:53can certainly competi competition is

16:55like it's quite long servers are very

16:57super compare he came to my golf course

17:00road lived on the Gulf Coast and I'm and

17:01I'm the goal caisson and he was really

17:04my pots for me

17:05ah don't play and Abigail really pretty

17:08good to hit he could probably I bet he

17:10doesn't I'll dime into the chopped tanks

17:13into because i'm not gonna kill me

17:15they'll break to the ocean but I'm yeah

17:18that's great that's good when are we got

17:21a beautiful girl behind us and so yeah

17:24let's play golf all right let's do it

17:25i'm also remember Wingfoot New York yeah

17:28well with the like about this she called

17:30courses on

17:31all kinds all man tell me about it well

17:34yeah you do but you also have that sand

17:36belt on the melbourne area to here we go

17:38you know I'm actually playing it royal

17:41mail bro melvin yeah i was playing Royal

17:43Melbourne and I was actually having a

17:44really really good round but i had to do

17:47a talk show so we kind of got fell

17:49behind a little bit and we added to do a

17:52talk show so I was like four over and I

17:54had a walk-off unlike next to walk all I

17:57had a walk-off my 15 i think it was 15

18:0014 or 15 and it hurt because I was like

18:03I was like having a really good rounds

18:05on a glance golf course you know you do

18:07that's just silly shops walk it off

18:09I just gonna forget about the last two

18:10balls and just said I yeah it's not part

18:13out that part up I thanks

18:16hey no JK when and then what you like

18:20yes yeah and that was the longtime

18:22friends you know that our cast hell yeah

18:25we'll see you guys next time

18:26yeah this way right now this way to

18:28everything that was solid