• Office Style: The best of black and white

Office Style: The best of black and white

Meet Madison

What is your title at Billabong? Visual Road Merchandiser of Orange County

What does your day-to-day look like? My mornings are very routine. I wake up, drink my coffee while watching the news, finish my e-mails and then get ready for work. However, my workdays differ. I’m at a different account everyday, which definitely keeps my job fun and interesting! I am up and down ladders all day, adjusting hardware and making sure my accounts are represented with our merchandise nicely for our customers. All of my accounts are less than a mile away from the beach so that isn’t too bad either!

Who/what inspires you? I follow a lot of social media accounts that inspire me on Instagram and of course, Pinterest! But, what inspires me the most are my friends, family and co- workers. I gravitate towards people that work hard, have a positive attitude and treat others kind. I work with the most incredible men and women, and I am so grateful to be apart of such an awesome team!

How would you describe your style? My job is very physical, so something easy and comfortable to throw on works best for me during the week. You can catch me in a pair of jeans, a tee, some vans and of course, a hat! However, when I’m not working I love to dress up, curl my hair and throw on a pair of boot heals. My style can go from casual to fancy real quick!

Where would you wear this look (look you wore for office style)? I could definitely wear the ‘Happy Dance Wide- leg Pant’ to work or outside of work because they are so comfortable and cute! But, if I were to pull this whole outfit together, I would wear it out on the weekend to brunch or somewhere fun with my friends and family!

Do you steer to more black or white or mix it up? Black is in my everyday wardrobe, but I always seem to throw some white in there as well. Definitely a mix up!

What is on your ‘Billabong Wish list’? Currently the ‘Hawaiian Daze Wide- leg Crop Pant,’ the ‘Beach Me Bottom Down Top’ and the ‘Flora Beat’ bikini set! What do you know, ALL black and white! Haha

If you were given a free round-trip ticket for this summer where would you go? If you know me, you know I am a travel bug! I would go anywhere, anytime. But, if I had to choose one place in particular, I would say Greece! It has been on my bucket list for quite some time now. I mean, who wouldn’t want to visit that beautiful country?!

Meet Artemis

What is your title at Billabong? My title is Graphic Artist for Women’s M&D.

What does your day-to-day look like? The day usually starts with me looking at Pinterest to get inspired and get ideas flowing. I then begin to tackle various art projects for the Women’s design team. My main focus is creating quality and inspired artwork for the Women’s and Girls t-shirt lines. I love to use different creative techniques and mediums when working on artwork for Billabong. While designing I use a mix of hand drawn elements and love to work in various mediums like watercolor, ink, pencil, felt-tip, marker and block printing.

Who/what inspires you? I am inspired by artists like Henri Matisse, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. I also draw inspiration from Movies, Music, fashion and our design team. I feel grateful to work with such talented women.

How would you describe your style? I would say that I have more of a minimalist sense of style, but I do like to add in a touch of flare from time to time. I tend to mix both masculine and feminine silhouettes to create a style I feel comfortable in.

Where would you wear this look (look you wore for office style)? The look is versatile, The light weight wide leg crop pant is perfect for warm Summer days. Pairing the all black outfit with a denim jacket gives it a laidback feel and makes for an easy transition from day to evening. Perfect for a beach day trip or a night out.

Do you steer to more black or white or mix it up? I like to mix both black and white, but I usually stick to those colors. I’ll add in neutrals like denim and khaki green (olive drab).

What is on your ‘Billabong Wishlist’?

My wish list consists of the following:








If you were given a free roundtrip ticket for this summer where would you go? If I could go anywhere it would be Cuba, I have never had the chance to visit. Would love to stroll the streets of Havana. The vintage cars, vibrant architecture and culture make it the perfect Summer destination for me.

Meet Carly

What is your title at Billabong? Americas Digital Content Specialist

What does your day-to-day look like? It sounds a little cliché, but every day is a little different, but emails, social + digital media, and imagery is a constant. In our ever-changing digital world, we’re continuously challenging ourselves to adapt, test new ideas, create unique storytelling, and then measure and readapt for the future. It’s a revolving door and combination of being in the office, out of the office and a balance of creative execution and analytics. I feel pretty lucky to be a part of a highly integrated creative and global brand team that is constantly inspiring each other. We also have a pretty talented group of athletes and influencers we get to work with that make a case for work versus play.

Who/what inspires you? A good dinner party or intimate setup. a beautiful place, an inspiring adventure, an authentic story, a character or interesting person (maybe my favorite), a curated space, a custom experience, custom anything, My nieces and nephews, My family + My husband, my mom, photography, musicals, a good magazine or book, interior design, a good color story, the perfect bikini, weddings, DIY projects or a good craft, flowers, hats, history, really I could go on and on…

How would you describe your style?It changes based on mood, season, occasion and task. I generally like a bit of structure to my look – like a good blazer and a high neckline or collared shirt. I also love solid and neutral colors, but I will fall for the right print or clever detail, especially when I pack for a trip or weekend adventure.

Where would you wear this look? Gosh, I feel like this is such an easy outfit for anything outside of the office. The kitten heels paired with vintage denim maintains an effortless balance between ‘dressed up / dressed down’. Also, who doesn’t love a crisp white? It allows versitle styling (add on some fresh or bold accessories), or pair down (lose the pants), add a bikini and some sandals and this Beach Me Button Down Top lives up to its name as a beach-ready coverup. Yes please!

Do you steer to more black or white or mix it up?White, through and through. It’s a weakness. But I love a good black tailored pant or top. I definitely someone who enjoys dressing up, and dressing up to me can feel effortless and comfortable. I definitely gravitate and enjoy putting together a good color story. Especially when it

What is on your ‘Billabong Wishlist’? Flora Beat One Piece, Let Loose Top, Tied Up Slide.

If you were given a free roundtrip ticket for this summer where would you go? I’d probably have to say Morocco just because I was working on a trip last April and ended up changing my travel plans – I love the idea of shopping in Marrakech and visiting the different Raids, seeing their beaches, visiting the Atlas Mountains, and going on a desert safari. Also on my list is Vietnam, but realistically I’m a big fan of picking a place that works with my schedule and lines up seasonality-wise. Like the best place for that time wins haha