It blew in with hell’s force it spit out barrels. After witnessing these photos, we speed dialed our mad man hurricane charger Raven Lundy to give us the first hand report on Hurricane Sandy’s destruction and swell.

The boys targeted the Atlantic from past opportunities had, and research done. Raven has chased hurricanes for over 15 years; this was the biggest swell he's seen. The National Guard was out. The police shut down the whole town. There were piers falling in the water; it was just mayhem.


Raven Lundy photo credit Phildo

Inside look with Raven Lundy

Raven Lundy on another bomb photo credit: Nick Denny

“This is what we do. When you get forecasts like this you rearrange your schedule and do everything you can do to be there. It was the wave, but it was also was the wipe out of your life.  It’s a wildlyfe” –Raven Lundy

Raven Lundy taking lickings photo credit Nick Denny

"This is raw east coast surfing and that part is exciting, but I don't know how to say it, the other side of it is just really sad. I have friends who have lost their homes, there's some serious damage going on. Houses, piers, people have lost a lot, I'm going to lend a hand when anyway I can." -Raven Lundy

Raven Lundy

Support The Red Cross in their efforts supporting thousands in the Northeast who have been affected by this deadly storm.

Or if you on the east coast, Raven Lundy and the guys at Wild Lyfe are going to be collecting donations at the following surf shop locations:

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