• Seaside with Sonya Esman in Sea Ranch

Seaside with Sonya Esman in Sea Ranch

It’s no secret that northern California is home to some of the most stunning coastline in the world. Nearly every bend on Highway One travels along towering cliffs, pristine beaches or coastal meadows scattered with wildflowers. What remains under wraps, however, is the quiet charm of the Sea Ranch, a 5,200-acre refuge of trails, forests, private homes, and some of California’s most untouched and beautiful scenery. A short trip up the coast of California led us to the tranquil little town of Sea Ranch along Pacific Coast Highway. The backdrop of this quaint community paired with our Scenic Route Collection was a magical combination to say the least. Along for the ride and ready to roam was influencer and beauty Sonya Esman, photographed by Grant Legan.

No cell phone reception? No problem. We were utterly free and present, ready for adventure, digging our heels in and refusing to leave the hidden oasis that is Sea Ranch. Our wanderlust trip up the Pacific Coast Highway taught us one very important lesson: Always opt for the scenic route...