• Surfer: Humble Bond - Josh and Seth Moniz

Surfer: Humble Bond - Josh and Seth Moniz

Surfer recently sat down with Josh and Seth Moniz to talk their bond as brothers, chasing the QS and the inevitable comparisons between them and two other well-known Hawaiian brothers. The boys also talk a little bit about their futures and whether or not they hope to qualify for the CT and with Seth currently sitting in 18th on the QS and Josh in the top 100, qualification for 2018 isn't a stretch. Read a little bit of the interview below and check out the full feature on Surfer here -

The 'QS seems like a roller coaster. Do you love it, hate it, or something in the middle?

SETH: Last year I was just trying to figure it out, coming from the Juniors. It’s a whole bunch of new faces and older guys who are more experienced, and last year, I thought it was pretty stressful. But this year, I’ve already made a few heats, and now I have the bug again. Now I’m stoked on it. I want to do as many events as I can. I’m going to Martinique after this, even though it’s only a 3000, just because I’m fired up.

JOSH: When I first jumped on it [the 'QS] I did it because I had to, after they changed the age for the Juniors [from Under 20 to Under 18]. Qualifying was a goal of mine, but always in the future. This year, I feel like I’m ready to actually compete at that level, so I’m enjoying the environment of the 'QS a lot more. I’m a lot hungrier now.

Where do you want your surfing to take you? Do you want to be on the 'CT? Put out crazy video parts? What gets you the most excited?

SETH: I’ve always looked up to Taj Burrow and Shane Dorian. Look at Shane. He was on Tour for eight years or so, and now he’s surfing huge waves. Same with Taj. He went on Tour for a long time, and he was also putting out movies and edits. I just want to keep loving surfing. I don’t think I have to choose the Tour over video parts or anything else.

JOSH: If I could plan the perfect career, it would be how Taj did it. He was always surfing at the highest level. Always winning events. And he left Tour on top. To me, he’s what it’s all about, because he was always having fun with it.

Be sure to check out Surfer on Monday, May 15 for a full edit featuring the Moniz brothers absolutely shredding on a few of their most recent trips.