• Taj Burrow Collection Launch Party Pics

RA Sushi

Taj Burrow's Collection launch party pics from last night at RA sushi in Huntington Beach and a few words from Taj on his latest collection.


Q:Anything you'd like to say about the line in general?
Taj: I really enjoy new projects and love getting my hands dirty, just a little. Whether it be a film, pair of boardies,a website, a tee print or tail pad I love being involved more than just surfing.

Q: The design process, how'd you tackle it?
Taj: My friend Sam Mcintosh is like my unofficial creative director, he had a huge part of the design process along side myself and Billabong designers.

Q: Any inspirations for the design? What were you going for with this collection? ie. Comfort, Style, Function?
Taj: I guess my aim was for it to be quite versatile. You can wear it to the beach, but then still has enough steeze to work in a bar.

View the entire collection here or shop online from Swell.com