• Take A Trip South Of The Border

Salt drenched scenes from the Billabong Team’s Mexico adventures.

We belong to the sea. We breathe in time with the rhythm of the waves. This is our life, and we choose to live by the tide. To slip to a faraway land, to find a common pursuit and passion in the surf, to find a language we can share when words fail us.

Every breath, every memory, every sensation we experience is spent in a bikini. It is our unspoken uniform, the outward expression of our soul, the extension of a body shaped by the sea. Our bikini keeps our spirit wet even when hidden under clothes, worn in so many more ways than one.

This is #aBikiniKindaLife

Song: Feel This Place (Apartment Version)
Artist: Golden Sun


Felicity Palmateer

Malia Murphy

Lola Mignot