• Tasty Waves

Enjoy a little breakie in bed on us! We thought you might besick of the usual Valentine's bon-bons and flowers, so we decided tosurprise you with our version of an acai bowl in bed.

This is how we like to wake up in the morning! Take a few minutes toescape into a tropical paradise of acai goodness.

tasty waves

Use anything you can find in your kitchen--get creative! But ifyou want to copy us, here is what we used:

- Crunchy coconut granola for the sand

- Sliced bananas for the palm tree trunks

- Kiwi slices for the palm tree leaves

- Blueberries mixed with some acai for the waves

- A tangerine for the sun

- A strawberry cut into a heart

- Acai or honey for the text

- Serve some Greek Yogurt on the side or if you are really crafty, use it for the waves!

Happy Valentines Day!