• The 6 Summer Essentials You Need

The 6 Summer Essentials You Need

We wanted to make getting right for summer as easy as it could possibly be so we are kicking off the season with six essentials that every guy should have at his disposal as it starts to warm up. You'll be able to go straight from the beach to the party in any of these so stock up now so you can shift your focus to where you're going for your next beer.

1. The Perfect Graphic Tee

Few things are more critical to your summer kit than a go-to graphic tee. We personally recommend the classic Die Cut tee, a tailored fit tee that's going to work for a trip to the beach or for a night out but you can always check out more options here and get yourself some good graphics.

Billabong Summer Essentials Tees

2. A Pair of Classic Boardshorts

If you buy one thing to get yourself through the summer, get a pair of classic boardshorts that offer a lot of functionality. The 73 Lo Tides boardshorts have a classic scallop hem and front hand pockets that offer style and functionality, plus they're incredibly stretchy and ready for a quick shred. Take a look at more boardshorts here.

Summer Essentials Classic Boardshorts

3. The Most Comfortable Sandals Money Can Buy

It's important to take advantage of sandal weather while it's here so make sure you're living large and invest in a pair of leather sandals that get more comfortable with every wear. Our favorite pair is the All Day Leather but we've got a few styles and you can't go wrong with any of them. See more sandals here.

Summer Essentials Sandals

4. Stretch Walkshorts for Land and Water

If you don't already know about our Submersibles, it's time to get a pair and achieve enlightenment. We feel confident saying these will be the most comfortable pair of shorts you own and become your daily wear. Made from lightweight, stretch materials, with a classic chino short look, these are the perfect shorts for a warm summer day. They come in a variety of lengths and colors so you're guaranteed to find something you like here.

Summer Essentials Submersibles

5. Performance Boardshorts That Can Keep Up

If you're going to be out in the water you're going to need boardshorts that can keep up. The Tribong X boardies are our recommendation and are designed for marathon sessions. Key features include stretch materials, minimized seams that won't chafe and a repelling coating that will keep your boardshorts light in the water and have them dry faster on land. See more of our Platinum X performance boardshorts here.

Summer Essentials Performance Boardshorts

6. Last But Not Least

A hat may be the last thing you grab before you head out the door but it's still a major key to surviving the summer months. We're personally going for a trucker to keep a little cooler but you can't go wrong with any of our hats.

Summer Essentials Hats