• The North Shore Blog - The Trials of the Billabong Pipe Masters

There were 32 surfers at the start of the Billabong Pipe Masters Trials, now there are 4: Jamie O'Brien, Reef McIntosh, Makai Macnamara, and Hank Gaskell. After a lay day on the first day of the waiting period, the contest directors called Day 2 ON when they awoke to promising signs of a great day of waves ahead. Danny Fuller got the day started with a beautiful barrel and the boys never looked back, exchanging barrels and wipeouts till the afternoon winds forced contest directors to end the day after the last Semifinal. Scroll down for photos and footage from a great day of competition on the North Shore.

Tune in tomorrow morning at 7:30 HST (9:30 am PST) for the call.