3/2 Revolution Ninja Zip Fullsuit

CAD $374.95 374.95

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Revive the revolution with eco-minded construction. Using styling from the past and materials from the future, the Revolution Glide delivers modern performance alongside earth-friendly design.

  • 3/2 back zip fullsuit.
  • Ninja zip back zipper entry.
  • 80% recycled external and internal jerseys.
  • Aqua based non-solvent based glues.
  • Superflex neoprene for watertight comfort and flexibility.
  • Minimal seams for maximum flexibility.
  • GBS sealed seams / internal pressure.
  • Refined machine-applied internal pressure bonded seam tape.
  • Internal Hollow Fiber Thermal Chest and Back lining for added warmth and less weight while being quick dry.

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