Synergy 2mm Chest Zip Spring Suit

CAD $119.95 CAD $119.95

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With a classic A-frame peak, Trestles offers the most progressive surfing arena in the entire world. The crowds can get crazy and the take off point is tight. Needless to say, strength, stretch and flex are going to be your best friends. And we can say with confidence that the Synergy 2MM Flatlock Chest Zip Spring offers an intense amount of all three.

As part of our world renowned Synergy series, this 2MM flatlock chest zip spring suit offers progressive performance at an entry level price. In other words, you can expect high quality paired with high value. Made from premium Ax2 superflex neoprene for superior stretch, plus flatlock seams for smooth, non-stop comfort.

  • FSynergy 2MM Flatlock Chest Zip Spring.
  • Premium AX2 superflex material.
  • Flatlock stitching.
  • YKK zipper at chest provides easy entry and greater movement for paddling.
  • Contour collar.
  • 72 – 77 F.

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