• Alexis_WT1516







    Billabong, Ride Snowboards, Illusion Boardshop, VonZipper & Undies Underwear
    Favorite spot
    Home Mtn
    Coolest place you've ever been
    Boston in the 2014-15 huge snow storm. It was crazy, people wouldn't go to work; therefore we had the whole city to ourselves ! You could actually get out from the hotel, strap in get to spot riding your board. The city at the time was a huge playground for snowboarders.
    One year to buying beer in the States.
    Favorite food
    Sushi !
    Living person you most admire
    My family and friends.
    Best advice I've received
    Chill out man
    First thing you pack for a trip
    The good old rubber boots they are way too comfy.
    Perfect happiness
    Coming back from a long trip with the crew and spend 2-3 days at home chilling and doing nothing. Best feeling ever !
    Most treasured possession
    My board collection & I've been keeping my all old boards since I was 5. Can't wait to be 40 and look back at it.
    Favorite movies
    Django by Quentin Tarantino.
    Years riding
    My dad got me into snowboarding when I was 5.
    Worst habit is
    My cell phone - trying to keep that tyrant as far away as possible.
    When not snowboarding, I'm
    Camping, Skateboarding, biking, hiking... basically anything that involves nature, friends and a good 5 o'clock adult beverage.