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Newcastle, NSW


Ryan’s been with Billabong since his early years, and has always been underrated, primarily due to his reserved demeanor. Even so, Ryan has grown into surf stardom through letting his surfing do the talking, and pumping out mind blowing edits, such as Performance Guy, that show how equally incredible he is on his forehand as he is on his backhand. As polite as one can get, Ryan’s Newcastle upbringing and focus will take him wherever he wants to go.




      Have you ever heard the crunch of a bone as you land a backside air-reverse in a Balinese shorebreak? Or, the sound of six screws being drilled into the fibula you just broke? Or, the sound the metal plate in your ankle makes when you tap it, while you’re watching friends surf? Or, the sound of your first wave after nine weeks’ recovery? Or, the sound of a faint pop in your other ankle, on an awkward landing after only eight weeks back in the soup? And then, finally, the sound of torrential Gold Coast rain outside, as your doctor tells you it’s a grade three tear? Ryan Callinan knows all these sounds. Bad Bad Not Good is a digital short that details his experiences over the last year-and-a-bit, directed by Jay Grant. Presented by Billabong and Stab.

    • Life's Better in Boardshorts - Ryan Callinan



    Newcastle, NSW
    Billabong, Electric, Sanuk, DaKine, 3P Surfboards
    Major accomplishments
    Runner-up Australasian Junior Series (2011), 3rd place 6* WQS Lacanau, France (2011), 1st place Fantastic Noodles Pro Junior, Sth Australia (2011), Kustom Air Show invitee (2012)
    Years surfing
    Five years of age. Snapper Rocks, Qld, “Dad pushed me into a couple”.

    Twitter @ryancallinan